Our Children's Foundation is a 501c3 children's organization in Harlem founded in 1968.that provides cultural, educational, and many comprehensive services to children and their families in the greater New York area.

Their mission is to promote the intellectual, physical and moral development of children by providing a safe and challenging atmosphere for them to grow. They are dedicated to the development of children in the context of family and community, through their exposure to new experiences, they instill a hunger for knowledge, respect for self and others, discipline, and skills necessary to identify and fulfill their personal goals.

Located in Harlem between two of the world's largest public housing complexes, they continue to play a role in the reduction of gang violence, strengthen families, police-community relations, and exposing families to unique cultural experiences. They continue to break the cycle of violence that has impacted families for generations while producing thousands of college graduates.
Growing up in Harlem, Ronald Lang experienced first-hand the benefits of OCF’s programs and services that shaped his future. As a current board member, Lang is paying it forward by providing children in the community the opportunity to work behind the scenes on Flipside Entertainment Group’s film & TV productions to instill the same OCF values of huger for knowledge, respect for self and others, discipline and the skills necessary to identify and fulfill their personal goals.


Our Children's Foundation
501c3 Children's Organization

Founded 1968

527 West 125th Street

New York NY, 10027


"These Are Our Children and Without Them, There Is No Tomorrow"